Monday, January 5, 2009

Highlander (Kilworth)

Highlander, adapted by Garry Kilworth, Harper Books, 1986

Never saw the movie. Didn't even remember it when Highlander 2 came out.
Clumsily written at first and annoyingly so at the end. It reads like a direct adaptation of the script with very little added. Worse, some of the visual gags seemed to be painfully drawn out. No quick takes in writing.
So to get into, but I knocked off the last 200 pages this past weekend.
I recycled it back to the bookstore. I don't think it has anything of interest to anyone who saw the movie.

This book ranks as a prime example of what a movie novelization should NOT be.
You don't know what a character is thinking on screen, so you have to read facial expressions and body language. You do know what they are thinking in books. So tell me what they are thinking. Do NOT describe their facial expressions and body language instead!

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