Thursday, January 15, 2009

News from the Edge: the Monster of Minnesota (Sumner)

News from the Edge: the Monster of Minnesota, Mark Sumner, 1997.

The cover is laid out like a tabloid newspaper -- first clue that this book wasn't going to take itself seriously. (Actually, after the characters were established, it did turn serious.) The cover compares it to The Cat Who... and X-Files, but it was more X-Files because they had an episode with a lake monster years ago.
"Savvy" was mostly Scully, looking for the truth, but she's willing to believe that something is there.
The ending is set up to go either way (which is disappointing) except for one minor detail mentioned earlier in the book that comes back.
Fun to read. Quick. Light.

If anyone has read this and wants to classify it, let me know. I'm just calling it "not-too-serious" because I don't know anything better to call it.

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